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Migrate from ADhoke 2 to ADhoke 3 for macOS

ADhoke 3

Finally the successor of ADhoke 2 is available. Now you ask how can I get my data from ADhoke 2 to ADhoke 3? In this article I will explain that.

Preparation in ADhoke 2

First save your data. Than export your data with the help of the menu. Choose File/Export to XML and then save the xml file to a folder you specified. In the next step we will use this file to import the data into ADhoke 3. Note: The export process can take a while. I needed about 30 seconds.

Next in ADhoke 3 for macOS

Start ADhoke 3 on your Mac. Import the xml file via the menu. Choose File/Import from ADhoke 2. The import process will take some time, more than the export process. I needed one minute.

After a maximum of 5 minutes the import should be done and you see your data in ADhoke 3.

ADhoke 3 could show you a warning, that some items are moved to a different category. This items were placed in a category with the wrong date. So if your item has a date of 1st June 2020 but the category was für April 2020 ADhoke 3 will push the item to the category for June 2020.

Post processing in ADhoke 3

Categories in ADhoke 3 have colors. For outgoing categories ADhoke 3 will use red colors and for income categories green colors. You can change that if you want. You can also hide the color column in the table list if you don't need that.

Done. Nothing more is to do to import your data. If you have any errors or problems please contact me via e-mail.